Returns and Refunds

Returns, Cancellations and Refunds Policy

The Insys (Private) Limited t/a Laptopzone, Cancellations & Refunds Policy forms part of our Terms and Conditions.

1. Returns
1.1 Unwanted goods which are still sealed
1.1.1 If you have purchased a product, taken delivery and not opened the product you can return it to us for a full refund. The product must be returned within 7 days of purchase.
1.1.2 If you return a product after 7 days of purchase you may be liable to pay a handling charge. We are unable to credit products which are returned after 14 days of purchase.
1.1.3 All products must be in new condition, I.E. unopened and in original packaging, along with all accessories if applicable (manuals, discs, cables etc.).
1.1.4 The product must also be packaged properly to ensure there is no damage to the original packaging during transit. Any discrepancies could result in a handling fee or forfeiture of a refund.
1.1.5 We will collect the product at no additional charge to you.
1.1.6 An assessment will be done before any credit or refund can be passed. Once the credit is passed we will refund the amount due into your bank account by EFT (Internet Transfer).

1.2 Unwanted goods which have been opened
1.2.1 We will not credit any unwanted product which has been opened.

1.3 Incorrect or Damaged Products
1.3.1 You are required to inspect the goods upon delivery and report any discrepancies or damages to the delivery service immediately. Do not sign the proof of delivery (waybill/delivery note/invoice) if you are not entirely satisfied, also stipulate on the “proof of delivery” the problem you have encountered with the order.
1.3.2 Should you fail to inspect the products upon delivery or should a 3rd party in your organisation/home receive the product, and you find out later, contact us immediately to remedy the situation. You have 24 hours to log a query and we will at our discretion rectify the issue. Any claims after 24 hours will be rejected.
1.3.3 Products delivered incorrectly by Laptopzone will be replaced or refunded within 7 days of purchase.
1.3.4 It is of utmost importance that you check your goods when taking delivery as we will not be held liable for any discrepancy or damages whatsoever after you or a 3rd party have signed the proof of delivery. Our rule is very strict regarding incorrect goods due to the extremely high incidence of fraud & attempted fraud we have experienced.
1.3.5 You will not be eligible for a replacement or refund should you remove the product from its original packaging. You may remove it from the box used for shipping purposes (usually a brown box without any brand names printed on it).
1.3.6 Laptopzone will be fully liable for all shipping and handling charges if incorrect or damaged products have been delivered by us.

2. Cancellations
For any cancellation, you are required to send us an email with your order or invoice number.
We will process a credit note and pay back the amount due to you, see Refunds in section 3 below for details.

2.1 I have changed my mind
If you have ordered a product, but have changed your mind, you can cancel at any of the following stages:

Before taking delivery:
Call us immediately and we will either stop the shipment or instruct the courier to cancel the delivery.

During delivery:
Do not sign the waybill/delivery note/invoice, write the words “CANCELLED” across it and request the courier to take it back.

After taking delivery:
Please refer to 1.1 under Returns, see above

2.2 Out of stock products
2.2.1 Should a product that you’ve ordered be out of stock, we will notify you immediately.
In the event of a temporary out-of-stock situation, you are entitled to either cancel the order and be fully refunded, or to maintain the sale subject to a later delivery date.
2.2.2 In the event of a permanent out-of-stock situation, you shall be entitled to a full refund or you may choose an alternative product.

2.3 I’ve waited too long and want to cancel
2.3.1 If you have ordered a product and have not yet received delivery after the estimated arrival, you are entitled to either cancel the order and be fully refunded; or to maintain the sale subject to the later delivery date.

3. Refunds
3.1 Refunds
3.1.1 We will pay the amount into your nominated bank account in the case of individuals and directly to the company bank account for companies.
3.1.2 We will first inspect all returns before passing a credit or refunding any amount to you.
3.1.3 Refunds will be paid within 7 working days and we will subtract any bank charges if you have paid by cash deposit or card.
3.1.4 Should you not require a refund, you may choose an alternative product or a credit balance for future purchases.

Goods not eligible for return, cancellations or refunds:
Special order products
NCNR (NCNR = Non-Cancellable / Non-Returnable)
Any product which has been opened
Software & Software Licenses
Upgraded laptop and desktop computers
Extended Warranties
Installation Services

4. Backorders
A backorder is an order for goods and/or services that cannot be fulfilled at the current time due to a lack of available supply. The goods and/or services can be ordered, but with a delay in delivery. Due to fluctuating exchange rates and timing, the advertised price of an ‘out of stock’ item may not be the final price payable. A new price will be available once the ordered goods and/or services are available. Please check with your sales representative regarding backorder items.

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